Understanding Heroku

In order to really understand what Heroku does, we recommend learning a little about web infrastructure and how developers manage it.

Below you will find a series of super short videos that explain how the web works in only 12 minutes.

By the end, you will understand web infrastructure and gain confidence in knowing when Heroku is the right solution.

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Web Basics: The Browser 0:43

Web Basics: The Browser

In order to understand Heroku, you first need to understand how the web works.

Web Basics: URLs 0:52

Web Basics: URLs

URLs are the entry point into websites and applications across the internet.

Web Basics: Web App vs. Website 1:29

Web Basics: Web App vs. Website

What's the difference between a web app & a website? Heroku is designed for web apps.

Server Infrastructure 1:14

Server Infrastructure

Here we explain the hardware and steps needed to get a web app up and running.

Dev Ops 1:39

Dev Ops

Dev ops are the developers needed to get a web app working if you dont have Heroku.

Where Dev Ops Breaks Down 3:25

Where Dev Ops Breaks Down

We explain what needs to be done as a web application changes and grows over time.

Heroku, A History Lesson 2:35

Heroku, A History Lesson

We look at the history of server infrastructure and why Heroku is valuable.

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